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Mystery shopping has become an industry associated with the most successful companies.  Those companies who use a consistent shopping program to monitor their employees' performance are far ahead of their competitors.  To fix a problem, you need to know about it. Mystery shopping is probably the most objective way to find "weak links" or superior service.  Shoppers are not disgruntled customers who see only the negative, nor are they employees who tend to overlook some negatives, because they are sympathetic.

Mystery shopping can be used to evaluate your training programs or to create them.  It can be used to monitor compliance of Franchisees.   Mystery shopping can also be used to award bonuses, when introducing a new program and instilling the sales of that program into your front line employees normal routine.  These are just examples.

Service Alliance, Inc. has a firm commitment to helping their clients attain and maintain success in their industries.  We provide thorough and timely reports.  All reports are customized to each client's specific needs, so that we provide the information they really need.

Beware of Letters Offering Quick Returns for Cashing a Check

Click on the link above for more information.  Our company rarely, if ever, conducts mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers.   We never ask shoppers to send us money.  If someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a cashier's check, call us before you try to cash the check...it may be a scam!

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